Imagine this. A used car sales firm in Invercargill with a personalised, one-on-one service, with standout used cars and a quality reputation. Too good to be true in Southland?

Steve & Family

It’s true and has arrived in Southland in the shape of Steve Rhodes Feature Cars, located at 21 North Road, Invercargill, just before the Bay Road lights.

Steve and Vicki Rhodes are offering a unique and professional car sales business with no trimmings spared.

Grab the opportunity to take this car yard for a test drive — it's Steve Rhodes Feature Cars with sensational specials and savings on offer.

Steve has hand-picked all used cars for sale on the lot and has found exactly what he wanted. He is able to offer fellow Southlanders an amazing range of stand-out used vehicles at great prices. "I've been very fussy about what I've bought, and we've taken great care to get up and running properly so we can do business as we like to," he said.

Used vehicles on sale will range from sportscars and light 4WDs to family wagons, sedans and economical smaller cars, all available at reasonable prices from $6000 to $30,000. Keep an eye out for special interest cars.

For more information phone Steve on (03) 215 8440 or check out our range of vehicles now!


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Steve Rhodes

Mobile 027 4537 020